Our Mission is to Bring Luxury
Experiences to Web3

The Grand Goal

Web3 Made Luxury

Our vision is to decentralize luxury at every stage of its creation, distribution and experience. In its truest form, we aim to create a community of enthusiasts around the specific themes of luxury and high-performance mobility and space

Real Estate

We will make accessible luxury real estate reWe’re building a secure and interactive luxury real estate platform for rental and acquisition made accessible via mobile and PC.ntal and acquisition, to individual institution.

Our Projects

We envision a world where luxury experiences are made on-chain

The Universe Eye

At Elchai, we define the metaverse differently. To us, the metaverse is a virtual community where the human desires of connection, ownership, and satisfaction are achieved on another level.


We are going to create content that is inspired by what is real and familiar to people.

Our Design

  • Facilitates deep personalization
  • Allows composability on top of the base layer
  • Interoperable network
  • Enables ownership
  • Powers P2P interaction


Users through their avatars would access all the virtual luxury experience The Universe Eye has to offer. Plus, they can even create their own luxurious space.

Access & composability

Users can freely enter, leave, and contribute to help shape the future of our open metaverse.


We offer luxury consumers a tailored experience for supercar and space rental. Community members can rent any of our car club’s supercar collection or luxury capsules to attain luxury experience in real life.
The BEC Club is a brick-and-mortar venue accessible in the metaverse and in real life. We will host various events from product launching to concerts.
The BEC Club will feature:
1 Lounge
1 Disco Club
20 VIP Capsules (150 sqm)
15 Luxury Capsules (200 sqm)
4 Grand Penthouses (600 sqm)
1 Exclusive Restaurant with a Private-Screened Room

Access will be gated by the 4-tier Elchai NFTs

BEC Token

The $BEC token is the single, exclusive currency in The Elchai ecosystem. The token’s utility comes from the utility of $BEC to:
Buy and sell NFTs in our marketplace
Have access to the Elchai Car Club in the metaverse and the real world
Purchase passes to events and any facilities offered by the BEC Clubs
Purchase the rights to ownership of real estates in the metaverse and real life.
There is a deep symbiosis in this design which facilitates sustained user growth while maintaining easy access to the game.
$BEC is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 1 BILLION tokens (1,000,000,000). 

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